Job Description

The International School of Language {ISL} in Greenville, SC. is looking for one possibly two candidates who can teach English to some of our professional clients. This position is an “as needed” basis only.

The ESL candidate/instructor should have at a minimum a TEFL certification with a specialty to teach professionals. This position is strictly targeting adults who need to improve their overall English skills. Most of our clients have some knowledge of English and need to be able to ameliorate their presentation, speaking, and writing skills in a business environment. ISL also teaches the spouses/partners of these multinational employees who are currently living in the U.S. and their needs are mostly to improve their speaking and listening skills so that they can function in the U.S.

As an instructor, you will be required to prepare your own lesson plans targeting the needs of each individual. Note that classes are usually conducted online (95 % of the time) and a class is made up of four or less students per class. ISL uses the Cisco Webex Application to teach its clients and ISL will provide some training relating to the use of this application. However, it is up to each individual instructor to learn and practice the different options this application offers so that Webex becomes an easy tool to use. ISL will provide a private account for each instructor who will be hired to work as an independent contractor for ISL.

This position is a freelance position with no benefits. Additionally, the candidate must be very reliable and professional. ISL’s clients are made up of multinational corporations and our reputation depends on our professionalism, quality of teaching as well as our reliability. The candidate/instructor will be paid for the hours taught (no payment for preparation time) and he/she will submit an invoice to ISL at the end of every month for the total hours taught. ISL will render a payment via direct bank transfer by the 15th of the following month. Payments can only be achieved on a U.S. based bank. If hired, the candidate will receive $28-$29/hour (depending on the individual’s experience) for the first year and the rate will be increased after the 13th month of employment.

How to Apply

In order to apply for this position, please email your résumé.
Your résumé must be received by November 15th for consideration. You will be contacted via email should your profile match our requirements and an online interview will be subsequently arranged. Do not send multiple résumés as this will disqualify your application. Note that our website is being updated and you may not be able to link to it until the update has been completed.