“I enrolled in an MBA program. I was comfortable enough with what I had learned up to this point in order to start this challenge. My ISL instructor adapted the class to “support” the homework in the MBA program I was enrolled in. At the end, I graduated with a 3.94 GPA. “…The instructor tried to stay optimistic whatever the situation, which helped me in difficult times.” Omar Daim, Business Development Manager, Aircraft Business Line, Michelin

“My Spanish classes with Elizabeth at ISL school was a great success. I started with very little Spanish skills and within a few months my Spanish greatly improved to an intermediate level. Instructor was very passionate in my success, very competent in both English and Spanish, had great social skills and was extremely flexible with my unpredictable travel schedule. As a result of these classes, during my following business trips to Mexico I felt confident and comfortable communicating in Spanish at the airport, with taxi drivers, employees at the plant, restaurants, and even during personal travel on weekends. Very pleased with the results which helped me in both professional and personal life.” Oleg Sivov, project engineer at Michelin.

“I saw a direct impact on my day to day work and my ability to better interact with my customers. My two-hour classes weekly were a very pleasant experience. I  improved my English ”Nicolas Reboul, Global Account Manager; Michelin, HNA

I am very pleased and happy about the classes I got from my ISL instructor before I went to Clermont, France. The course was a good foundation to start. I arrived in Clermont started to use my French in my daily life without issues (rental car/ supermarket /prefecture / CAF application…) all these small but are important things to start a new life in France. I cannot imagine if I hadn’t taken these classes what it would have been like.” Lida Liu, Project manager in Michelin OPE