Please use any of these questions to help with the follow-up interview process. You may use all (20 questions) or part of the questionnaire in order to assess the student’s the experience and the value the language course has had for your student. You must use questions from each category. (A/B/C)

Please try to record most of the student’s response or at least as much as possible. Ask your student to elaborate as much as possible and to be frank . Let him/her know that there are no correct or incorrect answers because these answers will be used to improve a specific course. Additionally, the responses will not reflect positively or negatively on the instructor’s performance since the goal is to determine what can be modified in a course in order to better prepare the student for his/her career future.

Note that the interview process should take approximately one hour and that you will be paid for this service. I will provide a special the account number which will be needed in your invoice statement.

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