« ..I thank you with all my heart for your patience, for all your help, for helping me understand how things work in America, understand the culture. I thank you for listening to me, for listening to my outbursts.

I will always have you in my heart. I’m sure that one day I’ll be able to see you in person and give you a tight hug like Brazilians do, because we are a different, warm and welcoming people.

During these months you were the most welcoming person I met, the person who listened to me.

Soraia Silva

The instructor at ISL was able to fill the gaps in my language deficiencies which helped me communicate with my daughters’ school administration personnel. Having classes online also helped me manage my time with my family’s schedule…” 

Corrine Renaud, Michelin

Une très bonne expérience des services d’ISL.

Mon instructeur, M. Safar, a fait preuve de beaucoup de pédagogie et d’adaptation afin d’élever mon niveau d’Anglais.

Je recommande à tous les futurs apprenants d’utiliser les services proposés par ISL.

Dominique ATLANI

I enrolled in an MBA program. I was comfortable enough with what I had learned up to this point in order to start this challenge. My ISL instructor adapted the class to “support” the homework in the MBA program. At the end, I graduated with a 3.94 GPA.

“…The instructor tries to stay optimistic whatever the situation, which helped me in difficult times.”

Omar Daim, Business Development Manager Aircraft Business Line, Michelin

I am very pleased and happy about the classes I got from my ISL instructor before I went to Clermont, France. The course was a good foundation to start. I arrived in Clermont started to use my French in my daily life without issues (rental car/ supermarket /prefecture / CAF application…) all these small but are important things to start a new life in France. I cannot imagine if I hadn’t taken these classes what it would have been like.”

Lida Liu, Project manager in Michelin OPE, Michelin

“I arrived in the United States two years ago but started my English classes approximately 1 year ago. Since then I have greatly improved my resourcefulness and language learning, I feel more comfortable in my work and also in my personal life.

I hope to continue progressing and improving my fluency in English every day.”

Marcelo Cid

Marcelo Cid, Michelin

I would like to share that throughout our Spanish classes, Elizabeth and I have discussed important subjects in Spanish such as:

NAFTA, political roots in Mexico and how this influenced the current economy, marketing strategy for small businesses and grammar, including Spanish Poetry.

Having a class with Elizabeth is very good for me beside becoming fluent, we can discuss together in Spanish topics in my field of interest. With that, I can improve Spanish but with direct focus on areas than can be applied to help me with my current job.

Thank you,

Joy Svartman, ES & Supply Chain Platform Manager, Michelin
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